Govt wants IKBN to offer Motorsport courses

He said that with that being the case, the Ministry will be calling on the IKBN to look into the prospect of introducing course in the nature and that ‚ÄúDiscussions with the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) is also being held for the purpose,” If these courses can be implemented, then it will help to grow and develop more talent in motorsport as well as in the creating more sports excellence centres and its related industries.

He added that “Youths who have creative and innovative ideas are normally interested in motorsport and their interest can be used to further develop the sport. IKBN would also be urged to conduct a study to find out the average income of those who ‘graduated’ from IKBN. This is to ensure IKBN is able to cater for the need of the job market as well as help youths to find a career path,”