Heavy vehicles banned from roads from Sept 8-9 and 18-19

This, he said is so that the roads are cleared and are more accessible for those heading home and back from their destinations for the season and that they have already conveyed the message to the operators of heavy vehicles to get their cooperation on the matter. He added that those included in the ban are lorries that are carrying timber as well as those which are carrying material used for construction like earth, sand, stones, cement, iron and steel. Other vehicles like cement mixers and cranes too are included.

He also said that the vehicles which are allowed are containers or cargo lorries which carry goods in the electronic and electrical items categories as well as those which are transporting between sea ports to airports but they can only do so from 6am to 12.00 midnight. He added that concrete mixer trucks, mobile cranes and tipper lorries carrying sand will however be allowed to use the roads in the Klang Valley from 6am to 6pm as well as in the city centres of Johor Bahru in Johor, Georgetown in Penang, Ipoh in Perak and Kuantan in Penang.