Hiriko EV – the foldable electric car

Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the EC (European Commission) recently launched the new Hiriko Electric Vehicle which will set the automotive industry off to a whole new era of eco-friendly vehicles.


The innovative EV is a ‘folding’ vehicle which will come with some of the most interesting features ever seen in a car. Once the chassis is folded, the cabin will be rotated in such a way that it does not use too much space. In fact, it will only consume a third of the space needed for the super small Smart ForTwo.

The order of the day with the Hiriko is that it is made to solve the congestion in urban cities and to consume as less space as it possibly could. This is where the folding chassis works where the wheels will house the propulsion system where this model is built through the vision of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and is developed through a Basque company that uses French technology and rolled out through Malmoe in Sweden by Iraqi refugees.

The EV is one of the products of the macro Hiriko project which is aimed to be socially responsible through its innovative solutions for the current economic climate. It is set to push to create jobs and products which improves urban mobility through pollution-limiting projects which are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. With the Hiriko EV, it will be the equivalent of the Boris bicycles in London which have the similar objective. The first batch will see 20 units being built which will cost $16,253 although no news on how much it would be sold.