Honda Beat to make a grand comeback in 2013


Remember back in the nineties when Honda was very much the order of the day with their Civics. At that time, almost anything Honda was like the Midas touch as everyone wants one.

But there was one exception, the Honda Beat. While it was quite a success in other continents, it was not so much a success here in Malaysia as it was deemed not as practical as the others. Furthermore, it came with a small engine and was a 2 seater, while Malaysian Honda owners wanted more space and fuel economy.

Like it or not, the Beat is back and according to sources around, Honda is set to unveil their new generation of the Beat which will integrate the best of their technologies of their cars and motorcycles. The result of this is a front wheel drives, sports coupe which will be unique and cool.

It used to come with a 660cc engine which if used here is smaller than the Perodua Viva. With the new project, Honda will be using the CR-Z hybrid engine with a smaller body which will draw its inspiration from the OSM Concept. Form the Honda VFR1200F motorcycle will be the dual-clutch transmission which will be one of the highlights of the new Beat which will give others like the Renault Wind and the legendary Mazda MX-5 a run for their money.