Honda Fit gets the sportier version under its iconic Si banner

Japanese car giant Honda recently unveiled their new Honda Fit Si at the Geneva Motor Show.


This is one of the most anticipated models to come through the current Fit (or Jazz as we know it here) product lines which have been hugely successful in various markets, Malaysia being one of them. However, the call for a sportier version of the Fit has been around for many years and now they have answered the calls by its customers and the red Si emblem on this would surely be a truly welcomed one.

Malaysia just enjoyed the new Honda Jazz Hybrid last week and the Si would surely be one which is anticipated as well. This one comes with some new designs on the front and back while it is fitted with a larger front anti-roll bar as well as some enhancements to the power steering system. However, if you are hoping for a higher cc engine like the V6 or such, then you will be disappointed as they have not changed much to the engine which is still very much the 1.4 liter, 4 cylinder engine that pushes out 98 horses. It is in the anti-roll bar which makes much of the difference here while it also comes with 16 inch alloys with low profile rubbers as well as a new and sportier body kit.