Honda Fit Sport 2009 gives fuel economy a new name

One of the main characteristics of any observer of this new version is the fact that the Honda Fit Sport 2009 is quite an economical car. While Honda is pretty popular to make fast cars with top performances, you can most likely expect Honda to inject not only power but efficiency in this one. After all, this car looks cool to own, imagine it being fast and quick. Among most reviewers, the handling of the Fit Sport is very impressive and it comes with a very economical engine with iPod connectivity capabilities as well but too bad, it does not connect to an audio system capable of playing great music.

To begin with, the Fit was introduced into the American market not too long ago and since then, it has been able to garner enough support and buyers to establish itself as one of the major players in the Compact car segment. In short, the new Fit comes with new body design, a slightly more powerful engine as well as most which makes it an all important city driving car. One thing for sure, Malaysians will surely welcome the Jazz Sport when it is launched here.

Another significant change here is the expansion of the cargo size although one look at it do give you the impression that it quite small. The front grille has been modified and newly designed but unfortunately, there would be no Bluetooth connectivity. But one thing for sure, this car’s fuel economy remains its most impressive element. As if bringing forward the technology from the City (which is renowned for its fuel economy) is not enough, the people at Honda has increased its technology as well. On top of that, with more horspowers injected, it might still not be the fastest Jazz at yet, but then again, with performance like this, no one would be complaining. After all, the 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine might just be a bit too powerful for a car this size.