Honda Launches the new Accord in Malaysia

[April 22 2008] Started as a second international car model for Honda nearly 30 years back, the Accord was first introduced as a hatchback model before a sedan was later introduced. The accord has so far shipped more than 16 million units and the newest Accord now comes in its 8 th generation.

Comes with the Variable Cylinder Management or the VCM technology is being brought over from the Legend which was launched 2 year back. Note that VCM was tried by various car makers dating back as far as the 70s but due to the fact that most could not get it right, Honda managed to do so and is now one of their fore runners in their product lines.

This would be the Accord’s most elegant design to date and is the most spacious and of course the most powerful engine. According to Kenzo Suzuki, the Executive Chief Engineer from Honda R&D said that "We did extensive surveys around the world and we found that Asian customers, in particular, wanted more space inside the car along with more comfort. We also learnt that the time spent in the car on daily journeys was quite long and therefore providing more space would enhance comfort."

The model is being imported to our shores where luxury and sophistication is synomymous with the newly designed Accords. According to the Chief Executive Officer and the Managing Director of Honda Malaysia Mr Atsushi Fujimoto stressed that the new model is not just the facelift but a major leap forward for the car maker. He said “The all-new Accord will evoke an all-new emotion that makes a refined and sophisticated statement with pure luxury and performance for the Accord owner, like never before. It represents an upscale shift to a significantly more refined, dynamic and sophisticated sedan".

There will be three versions that is being sold in the Malaysian market, the Accord 2.0 which his sold for RM141,800, the Accord 2.4 which is sold for another additional RM30,000 and the Accord 3.5 sold for RM249,800. The first 2 versions uses the petrol i-VTEC engines while all versions come with 5-speed automatic transmission with ShiftHold Control.