Honda makes first manual hybrid with CR-Z

The new CR-Z, deemed by many as the replacement for the old Honda CR-X, this car will be powered through the IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) system. The lightweight and compact system is also set to be incorporated into the new Jazz in the next couple of years.

The CR-Z was first put on show back in 2007 at the Tokoy Motor Show which was intended to stamp mark Honda’s intention in establishing themselves as serious environmental friendly car producers. The CR-Z stands for ‘Compact Renaissance Zero’ and was designed to be futuristic and sporty, both at the same time. One look at this car and you will be well absorbed into its excellent design and superior styling. Seriously, this car looks very much like a sports car.

It comes with a huge front grille while the back of the car is where you will get some tube-shaped lamps. LED headlights are fitted in while the 19 inch wheels give you the stability you will need for this car. On the dash, you will appreciate its futuristically designed meters as well as the leather coated upholstery. It is no wonder that auto critics have all been widely anticipating the release of this car since it was first put on display.

One of the main objectives of this car really is to give to the consumers a new smaller and lighter weight machines which really is the best way to help save the environment. The car comes with a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine paired with a 6 speed manual transmission gearbox which makes the CR-Z the only manual hybrid car in the market. Whichever way you see it, this car looks and feel futuristic. Furthermore, you will surely appreciate the fact that it is fast enough because it is lighter and more efficient. Whether or not it replaces the CR-X has yet to be seen, but it surely is a class on its own.