Honda Malaysia Racing Team wants to win this year in MMER

It was not a good round last year after they only managed sixth in the class and eighteenth overall. 2 years ago, they finished first in the class. According to Eddy Lew, ‘We were unsuccessful to repeat previous year’s (2007) winning as first in class as we had some problems with the brake hose. We had to bring the car in for repairs and it took awhile before we could continue racing but that was enough to set us back for that year,”

Perhaps this year would be better for the team as they learn from their mistakes. Lew added that “The preparation this year is a lot better as to compare to last year so if there are no more problems this time we might get back our first in class title again and maybe even the overall title as well. Except for some slight alignment issues we are well prepared and on schedule for the race,”

Rueben Wong, the other driver of the HRMT is upbeat and is confident they will mount a challenge at the race. He said “The car has been updated overall, from the engine to transmission, chassis and suspension to braking. Anything that we find inadequate and have room to improve from last year’s experience have been done. The class O cars are a lot more powerful and with more available space on the grip this year there will be more cars of that class we have to battle with.”