Honda Malaysia to recall 2008-2010 Streams to check and replace faulty water pump pulley bolts


Honda Malaysia has launched a ‘product update campaign’ for owners of their Honda Stream vehicles which were manufactured between 2008 to 2010.

This will involve 1,494 units of the Stream where Honda wants to solve a technical irregularity that involve the water pump pulley bolts. This, according to Honda is caused by a burr around the periphery of the bolt-mounting hole which is a raised edge that is created by machining operation and could cause problems in the car. This will apply only for those involved and those that are currently selling are not affected.

There are several consequences if the pulley bolt becomes lose that include the engine to stall as well as halting the operations of the electric power steering assist. According to Honda Malaysia, drivers might notice some symptoms of this problem like warning lights on the speedometer and some unfamiliar noises coming from the water pump. Hence, they will be calling for those who bought Streams manufactured in that period to send their cars for inspection and if they are affected, they will replace them with new water pump pulley bolts. At the moment, Honda Malaysia is preparing the replacement parts and replacements will be done once they are ready.