Honda M’sia launches the Concept M series with Jazz, Civic and Accord

For all you special edition fans and enthusiasts, good news is that Honda Malaysia has brought in 3 special edition known as their Concept M series to our roads. They are available only in white to demonstrate its exclusivity and the M stands for Modulo and Mugen which basically are their official make over partners. The three Concept Ms are the Accord, the Civic and the Jazz.

For the Honda Accord Concept M, it is priced at RM176,800 which is about RM5,000 more than the stock 2.4 VTi-L model. As it is a special edition model, there will only be 120 units sold and comes with the Taffeta White colour body. The Accord is fitted with a Modulo body kit that gets you a Modulo designed spoiler in the rear, door visors, illuminated side steps as well as a nice looking front grille. On top of that, you will also get a Gramin Nuvi navigation system, EcoTint window tins as well as grey coloured stitching on the leather seats.

The Jazz Concept M is given a makeover by Mugen where it will be old for RM116,800. This model gets a lesser production line where only 20 units are available. It is painted with the Brilliant White Pearl colour where EcoTint provides the window tints. On top of that, Mugen provides additionals here like the rear wing, the rear under spoiler, side spoilers as well as a front aero bumper.

And then there is the Civic Concept M which is also redesigned by Mugen. It is priced at RM137,980, which is about RM7,000 more than the standard 2.0S model. This model is painted with Taffeta White and only 210 units would be sold here. Similarly, tints are provided by EcoTint and grey stitching on the leather seats while they also included the nice front Mugen design with rear wing, side and rear under spoilers as well. A nice touch would be the Enkei alloy wheels sprayed with pewter-grey colour.

According to Rohime Shafie, the Chief Operation Officer of Honda Malaysia, the company decided to bring in the 3 models after they found out through an internal survey of their customers that many preferred that their Hondas came with accessories that give their vehicles uniqueness, exclusivity and sportiness. Hence the Modulo and Mugen brands would be most appropriate.