Honda previews Fit EV with Fit EV Concept in LA

Honda put on show their latest all-new Fit EV Concept electric vehicle at the recent Los Angeles Motor Show. This is one of the 2 latest models that are part of the Honda Electric Mobility Network which is Honda’s initiative in making innovative products which reduces CO2 emissions. The Fit, if you haven’t already is typically our Honda Jazz here in Malaysia and the EV concept goes further for the company to showcase their intention and expertise in making cars which love the environment instead of damaging it further.

According to Honda, the EV Concept put on show in LA gives their customers of what to expect when they roll out the production version of the Fit EV all-electric vehicle. This model is set to be launch in 2012 for the markets in the United States and Japan and Takanobu Ito, the president and CEO of Honda Motor Co Ltd said that the vision of company on electric vehicles is that apart from being environmental friendly, the vehicles must be fun to drive and offers great utility as well.

The upcoming Fit EV is supposed to target drivers who likes the 5 seater Fit hatchback model but with a more environmental focused mindset. When the production model is launched, it will come with a lithium-ion battery and a coaxial electric motor where it will be able to boost the car to a 90mph top speed.

Honda said that they will be adopting the 3 mode electric drive system which is found in the upcoming 2011 Honda CR-Z sport hybrid. With the US EPA LA 41 city cycle, you will be able to get the 100-mile driving range per charge. This is where you can choose between driving in the Econ, Normal or Sport modes respectively depending on where you are and what you are intending to do. In Econ mode, the driving range could potentially be increased to about 17% as compared to Normal mode because everything is tuned to save fuel. On the other side of the spectrum, you get more power through the Sport mode where apparently, it could be as powerful as a standard 2.0 liter petrol engine car. Charging the battery is hassle free and you can do so in less than 12 hours when you use the standard 120-volt socket and if you double the voltage, it could be charged in less than 6 hours.