Honda rolls out a new Odyssey

While the people in Honda has put in a lot of thoughts into its design and such, it is always the engine which draws anyone to their attention first. In fact, if you are to look at what they have to offer under the hood, chance are the Odyssey leads the pack among its competitors. And we are talking about cars like Mitsubishi Grandis, Toyota Wish and such. Although they do have their own specialties, the Odyssey indeed is one gem, in its own class.

The car comes with a 2.4 liter, 4 cylinder DOHC i-VTEC engine which comes with 132kW, upgraded from its previous version of 118kW. This is mated with a 5 speed automatic gearbox which to a large extent seemed a bit disappointing maybe because these days, anything at this level would have come with 6 speeds instead. But, the performance of the car is so smooth that sometimes, you probably would not mind.

Of course, then there is the space. Essentially, this 7 seater car gets you all the space you need although the last row might just be a wee bit crampy. Perhaps it is the kids which Honda is thinking about so you probably won’t need that much space. But if you are thinking of sitting some 7 adult passengers, then this might be a problem.

Other cool stuff in this car includes the Drive-By-Wire or DBW control system as well as ECON Mode driving that helps you save fuel. It also comes with the LKAS or Lane Keeping Assist System, the ACC (Active Cruise Control), Motion Adaptive EPS and VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist). Safety features in the new Odyssey would include an Advanced Compatibility Engineering body, CMBS or Collision Mitigation Brake System and more. With all that thrown in, it is no wonder why the Odyssey is way ahead of its competitors.