Honda showcases new production hybrid car CR-Z

Essentially, it seemed that cars like these are long overdue because so far, most hybrid cars usually come as standard sedan or the more luxurious models but so far not many had gone on to produce hybrids that exude lifestyle and for the young and professional. Perhaps this is because most who like a sporty car would have to go for the fuel and turbo burners instead. So for Honda to take this step, it seemed highly appropriate and definitely timely.

According to Honda, it would be the first Hybrid car which integrates very much style and fun with efficiency and economy. Under the hood is where you get the 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine paired with Honda’s own IMA electric motor system. This car comes with paddle shifters which is pretty cool but is surely expected for cars in this stature.

This car looks superbly sporty but one thing about its engine is that at 1.5, it gets you up to 122 horsepower at 6,000rpm and 173Nm of torque. This is where it gets a bit disappointing and many reviewers have since given their take on this. The production model comes with 3 mode driving system where you can choose between the Normal, Sport or Economy respectively. Changing the modes is possible through the buttons mounted on the steering wheel and of course, each mode gives you that unique behavior of the car.

One of the cool features here is the RPM meter which changes colour when in different mode. In Sport mode, it illuminates to red while Economy mode changes to blue or green where the latter means you are driving efficiently. Standard fittings in this car include MacPherson struts in front and a H-shaped torsion beam in the rear. ABS and four wheeled disc brakes are also standard fitted among its standard 16 inch wheels with 17 inch being optional.