Honda to discontinue Civic sedan in Japan to make way for ‘fully updated model’ next year

According to Honda Motor Company, domestic sales of their iconic Honda Civic sedan model will be discontinued once their inventory runs dry. This is because, they are looking to set the market ready for their next generation model which is scheduled for launch next year. the 4 door Honda Civic, however will still be continued as this model is still receiving extremely good responses in other markets.

The report was made by prominent media group Nikkei where they said that ending the sales of the Civic sedan was to make way for a ‘fully updated model’ to boost the Civic brand further which have been doing quite badly of late. The company had initially intended to continue the Hybrid model but due to the weak demands for the sedan model, they decided that all variants in the Civic sedan will be discontinued. In the Japan market, it was reported that the company only managed to sell 457 Civic sedans in October. This is where 270 of them are Hybrids while the rest are the standard models. Whether or not it would be the ninth generation of the Civic remains to be seen but it will be a while before the new ‘fully updated’ model gets to our roads.