Honda to recall Jazz with faulty master switch

The problem with the defect is that it would cause water to enter into the power window switch which in the worst case scenario could spark off a fire. There have been 3 cases of fire reported already which includes 2 in the United States and one in South Africa which killed Vanilla Nurse, a 2 year old kid who was sleeping in the Honda Jazz when the incident happened.

Where the most ‘mild’ accessory of the car is concern, this would be a major problem. Hence, some 646,000 Jazzs will need to be recalled around the world for Honda to fix the problem. Jazz which are built in countries including Brazil, Japan, China, India, Thailand and Malaysia are all involved which according to the report will include some 27,000 units of the Honda City in Asia as well.

The recall however will not involve Honda because according to Honda Siel Cars India, “There won’t be any impact on the recall in India because the Jazz that is being sold in India is a second generation vehicle, which is not a part of the global recall.” No news however has been released by the Malaysian branch yet.