Honda to showcase new Euro Accord and Tourer in Geneva show

Upcoming at the Geneva Motor Show is Honda’s new European version of the Honda Accord sedan. Apart from that, they are also planning to showcase their Accord Tourer model at the show where both will be coming with minor upgrades. The most significant changes perhaps would be on the outside which is pretty much easy to spot while they have also made some adjustments to the engines.

According to Honda, the changes to the engine is primarily to give the models better emissions and more efficient fuel economy while the handling performance of the car is also enhanced. As mentioned, you can spot the difference to the exterior of the model where they have made some changes to the headlights which now comes with clear finish touches in place of its previous amber indicators. They have also redesigned the bumpers with this one while offering bi-xenon with Active cornering lights too.

On top of that, they have also included the High Beam Support System with a CMOS camera mounted on the windscreen. This camera is fitted near the rear view mirror which will detect any lights coming from the front. This means that the headlights are automatically adjusted to either the normal or high beam when light is shining through from the front.

The sedan version gets you improved rear lights and the area above the licence plate at the rear given a light chrome garnish while dark chrome is provided for on the Type S model. The sedan model comes with 3 new colour choices namely Celestial Blue Pearl, alabaster Silver and Graphite Lustre. They have also included new material for the seats inside with new door linings too. On the other hand, the Type S model comes with half leather seats.

Under the hood, the engine is given some tweaking where Honda has improved the 2.2 liter i-DTEC diesel engine that gets you up to 150 horses where noise reduction too are preserved through its under-floor noise insulation. Apart from that, they also put in higher density foam in the under bonnet and dashboard areas to ensure that noise are effectively subdued when riding. The dual-mode dampers have been improved so that handling and comfort of the ride is kept at its best.