Hosting F1 has brought about more interest in automotive among the young – Dr M

According to the former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, hosting the Formula 1 World Championship has bear fruit as it has generated a lot of interest among the younger generation in the automotive industry. Dr Mahathir who, during his time in office brought about the F1 to Malaysia where he set up the SIC (Sepang International Circuit) under his administration said that there are now more young drivers and young automotive engineers who are very much inclined in the industry’s technologies and skills.

He officiated the Petronas Motorsport 2011 campaign with Datuk Shamsul Azhar Abbas, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Petronas recently which saw the MGP W02 making its appearance in Kuala Lumpur. This the new car which will be used by the Mercedes Petronas GP team. Dr Mahathir also said that he hopes Malaysia will continue to remain as the host of the one of the race in the very congested F1 calendar and for an excellent outing for the Petronas and Mercedes collaboration this year. The team is led by 7 time world champion Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg. Mahathir said that with a more improved car, the team should be able to do better, bringing into consideration last season’s weaknesses which was quite a disappointing outing for Schumacher.