Hotelicopter – Lifting off a hotel? Its not that hard to imagine

Now this is something really different for a change. If you are one who had always wanted to take a helicopter but has been put off by its size and ‘flimsiness’, then this might interest you and allow you to overcome your desire once and for all. Behold, the Hotelicopter which is a combination of a hotel and a helicopter. This is doing what the airplane had failed as the helicopter is somewhat more stable and is not so linear, literally speaking.

Made by the Mikhail Loeontyevich Mil helicopter manufacturing plant in Russia’s Panki-Tomilino back in 2004, this would be one of the two prototypes of the Mil V-12 and with that you have the world’s first flying hotel, so to speak. The pictures will tell you just how serious the company is about offering hotel services on the air.

The sheer size of it is astounding enough as it comes with all the facilities and services that you can come to expect from a typical hotel. For starters, it has 18 rooms which are luxuriously appointed for those of you who are in for an adventure of a lifetime. Each of these rooms are soundproofed and comes with a queen size bed, so you can bring your partner along to experience this memorable trip.

Inside the room, it comes with the standards like a coffee machine, a mini-bar, fine linens and all the facilities of a typical 5 star hotel room that also includes wireless internet access. No price has yet been released on the rooms but apparently you will also enjoy room service, just like how you get it in normal circumstances. This however is only available after one hour of lift-off and before the hotelicopter lands.

As mentioned, the hotelicopter is a huge machine, after all it is supposed to house at least 18 couples in its facility. Measuring at 42 meters long, 28 meters high, it can also take up to 105,850 kilograms when taking off and gets up to 255km/h in terms of speed. It also gets to 237km/h when cruising that makes it unique and enjoyable. On board, the crew are all trained and are well aware to ensure that the security and safety of the customers are always prioritized while the machine had exceeded all the regulations pertaining to its configuration.