Hulme CanAm is New Zealand’s first supercar and it is cool.

According to the Managing Director of the company Jock Freemantle, once the deposit is paid and the outstanding amount settled, you will get to enjoy quite a good number of goodies. For starters, the CanAm is a limited edition version which means there are only 20 units. You will also be flown to New Zealand and placed in a luxury accommodation before the do the specifics which include driver fitting and fine tuning the car to your customization. Once all that completes, it will then be shipped to the destination of your choice.

This supercar takes 3.5seconds to get from zero to hundred under its 7.0 Chevrolet LS7 V8 engine. of course, with over 600 horses and 600Nm of torque and a 6 speed manual transmission CIMA gearbox, that might sound a bit too long already. You can also choose either to go for the paddle shifters or sequentials as per your liking on this car which top speeds over 320.

Just a bit more about Hulme, he won the F1 title way back in 1967 which is a long time ago but it is still a great way to honour the guy who also went on to win the Can-am Championship a year later. The car was known as Hulme F1 or codenamed as such before the final name was decided. The Hulme Supercar was first shown 4 years ago and up until now that they have put it up for sale. Once you have placed your deposit, then you will be one of the 20 whose car will start production in fall next year.