Hyundai launches the 5 door Verna hatch for China only

Automotive giant Hyundai has launched their new 5 door Verna hatchback model at the currently going on 8th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition. This follows the previously launched 4 door sedan Verna at the Beijing Automotive Exhibition earlier in April this year. Apart from the Verna, Hyundai is also putting on show some 19 other vehicles in Guangzhou for the show.

The new Verna however is only meant for the Chinese market and will be rolled out through its Beijing Hyundai Motor company, which is a 50-50 joint venture project between China’s Beijing Automotive Industry Holding company and the Korean brand. It will start selling for the market there next month. They will come with 2 petrol engine variants namely the 1.4 liter that gets you up to 105 horses and 135.4Nm of maximum torque. On the other hand, there will be the 1.6 liter model that boosts out 121 horses and 155Nm of torque.

The Verna will be the best-in-class model for the Chinese market where its 1.4 liter model is recorded with a 6.5L/100 km fuel consumption that could be reduced to 6.2L/100 km on its fuel economy package. The joint venture will also see the plant roll out the i45 mid-sized Sedan model which will be known as Sonata for the Chinese market and will be launched next month as well.