Hyundai Sonata – A car that looks so good, it is hard to resist, and it drives very good too

Ever wondered what the new Hyundai Sonata rides and drives? Well, the most significant thing about this new model from South Korea’s biggest automotive company is that it looks very good. In fact, its good looks is so good, it warrants a second look, a third and a fourth, if it has not already driven off already. The sixth generation Sonata surely has come a long way and having adopted the new design language, you cannot but admit that it looks so much better than any other cars in its segment.

Hyundai, if you haven’t already know (with Kia of course) have been very serious about changing the mindset of its customer in the past couple of years and they surely have come very far with what they are showcasing these days. With what you see today, it is hard to visualize how the previous boxy models came about before. But with or without the past, the present surely looks good enough to drool and the Sonata is one which you will surely do so. With designs like these, the future surely is going to be way more exciting.

3 models are sold here in Malaysia with the Standard version being the 2.0 liter model sold at RM135,888 with a higher version (aptly named the High Spec 2.0 liter) priced RM8,000 more. The engine in this model gets you up to 164bhp and 197Nm of torque. If you are in for the luxury and better looks, then you might want the 175 horses top of the range Sonata which is sold for RM163,888.

Looking at the 2.4 liter model is where you are looking at the model competing against the likes of the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry (which coincidentally has their own ‘lower’ versions as well). One thing for sure, Hyundai has done their homework well to pit their Sonata against the Accords and Camry as all of these models these days seemed to have put their focuses on the curvaceous design language very much sought after in the European markets. The leather trim inside the Sonata just makes the car much more elegance than you can expect and with this, it surely complements the nice designs outside as well.

This is as serious as how the Koreans can get and when they put their money on a certain product, they go all the way. One thing for sure, unless you do not like attention, this car is not for you because like it or not, it will surely turn heads wherever you go because it just looks so nice.