Hyundai Starex – Minivan or MPV? Either one is good enough

In fact, the Starex would be the biggest MPV you can get in this price bracket. As a matter of fact, you can barely identify any other MPV that comes this close to giving you the space you will need. This vehicle is almost 2 meters high and 5,125mm long and the wheelbase is at 3,200mm. Its width is about 1,920mm minus the side mirrors which means, it is pretty wide for our roads really. One thing for sure, driving through Petaling Street might be a problem.

The car comes in 4 different colours namely, Stone Black, Sleek Silver, Carbon Grey and Crystal White. The car comes with a 2.5 liter turbo diesel engine with the Variable Geometry Turbocharger system fitted with a 5 speed automatic gearbox. You can also alternate to the manual shift option for more control and power if you like. For a car this size, you get up to 170horsepowers at 3,800rpm and torque of 392Nm between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm which gets you from zero o hundred in 12 seconds. That is pretty fast for an 11 seater if you ask anyone.

The car costs RM133,474 and runs on diesel on its turbo-charged engine. That means you get both power and economy driving this monster really. Of course, that seemed just appropriate considering having to move up to 11 adults in its 4 row of seats which, to any extend does not seemed to be crampy at all. To be fully comfortable, sit 9 adults and there is enough space for everyone to stretch as well.

Six out of the 11 leather seats here can be reclined and wherever needed, you can fold and move the seats in various ways to increase more space for storage if desired. Standard accessories in this car include a full fledge DVD player which includes an LCD screen for viewing as well as the audio system which is USB ready for your thumb drives and such.

On the outside, you get 16 inch tyres but of course, the better profile tyres would give you more control and stability when driving this machine. All in all, the Starex is one crazy car to drive. To begin with, you take up more space on the road and it definitely gives you the an almost equal feeling to driving the more expensive and higher profile Toyota Alphard but while that is a totally different class altogether, the Starex is powerful yet agile enough to create its own fan base, anytime of the day.