iDrive in BMW 5 Series the pulling factor for drivers

The reception for the iDrive has been more than welcomed and hence, BMW had embarked to further develop the system to provide way much more functions than when it was first introduced. One new addition to the new iDrive system includes true-to-detail graphics in 1280×480 resolution which to some extend looks HDTVish, beat that!

According to Geoffrey Briscoe, the Managing Director of BMW Malaysia, the iDrive system would be one of the major factors that will drive (no pun intended here) anyone to consider the 5 series. He said “The BMW 5 series is one of the bestsellers for the BMW Group here in Malaysia. Despite the initial economic ripples of last year, our 2008 sales have grown to 7 per cent from the previous year (2008: 1,347; 2007: 1,261). We are confident that the new iDrive will continue to give the BMW 5 Series the greater competitive edge¨

There are 5 different variants of the BMW 5 series available in Malaysia. Starting at RM343,800 is the BMW523i while the SE version is priced at RM383,800. At RM415,800 is the 525i Sports version while the BMW 530i is priced at RM459,800. The upper scale variants are the Individual 540i priced at RM668,800 and the top of the range M5 costs RM 898,000.

The iDrive system comes with all the essential functions which you will definitely appreciate, what more they are often used as essential features in the car. The Navigation system Professional is fitted in all the variants except the 523i standard version. It comes with an 80GB storage space in the hard disk including an 8GB space catered specifically for music. There are also 4 selection keys which are the most frequently used functions where you will be able to manipulate the audio, phone and navigation functions easily.

The iDrive is definitely one of the most revolutionary systems in any vehicles around and with the new generation majestically fitted in the BMW cars, the 5 series is going to be one up above its competitors, one which any driver would definitely appreciate.