Is the new Proton to be named Proton Prevé?


It seems that the new Proton is going to be known as Proton Preve and if you haven’t already know, it has been codenamed P3-21A all this while.


While this has yet to be confirmed and announced by Proton themselves, there have been pictures and even an iPhone app which have surfaced in recent days which appear to promote the new sedan car from the national car maker.

The Proton Preve iOS app was revealed recently which uses augmented reality technology and had some shots of the new car but it is no longer available on the App Shopper list. However, more pictures of the so-called Proton Preve surfaced where the prototype with the ‘test drive’ and phone number stickers were seen on the red coloured model. Preve is actually the Spanish word for ‘to prove’.

You can browse through our earlier stories where we have unveiled some of the specifications of the upcoming Proton model where they have also rumoured about its estimated price. If that is anything to go by, the car codenamed Proton P3-21A might just already have an identity now. Still, we have to wait until Proton actually makes the announcement where it will then be official. For now, just salivate on what it looks like and keep your hopes up high.