Its official! Bahrain GP is off!

After U-Turns and U-Turns, the FIA has finally came to their senses and made it official that the Bahrain Grand Prix will not take place this year. It has now been taken off the World Championships calendar 2011 and there will be no more considerations of a postponement.

The FIA had called off the curtain raiser of the season due to political unrest in Bahrain. However, they decided that they will review the position of the race to see if it is possible to be postponed to the end of the year. So last month, the FIA met and after serious consideration decided that they will push the Bahrain GP to the second last race of the season. This was because they felt that the situation in Bahrain was stable and they will be able to host the race after all.

The decision did not go well with the teams who protested against it as well as those from the sport. This forced the FIA to reconsider their decision and to look at putting back the India GP to October 30 as the second last race. Now, they have come to their senses, and there will be no Bahrain GP this year with Brazil to host the season ending finale on November 27.