Jaguar joins hybrid segment

They are planning to start the ball rolling with first the XJ and XF models and then the rest of the models in their stable will follow suit. They are expected to touch the roads come 2013 or 2014 but surely after the launch of the first Land Rover hybrid and will come with the 8 speed ZF hybrid systems which are used in BMW hybrids.

The XJ is most likely be the first model to get the new addition where being the bigger vehicles will be more practical and economical. Jaguar Land Rover’s Whitley and Gaydon manufacturing plant currently has around 100 engineers where they are working on expanding the hybrid business units. The department started off some 1 and a half years back where they are in charge of developing the hybrid powertrains for both Jaguar and Land Rover respectively.

They have been working on the first prototypes which is a 3.0 liter V6 turbo-diesel engine that comes with a 35kW electric motor paired with an 8 speed automatic transmission gearbox. It will then be further used in the XJ, XF, XK in the Jaguars as well as in Land Rover’s Discovery, Range Rover and the Range Rover sport models. According to the chief hybrid engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, Peter Richings, as long as the car comes with a longitudinal (north-south) layout, the transmission could be fitted perfectly. This means that the Land Rover Freelander and the X-type from Jaguar will not be eligible.

While hybrids are the way forward. Jaguar is not going to involve all the models as they are currently looking into other alternatives like range-extending hybrids which uses an onboard combustion engine to charge the battery instead of relying on the usual power socket, Flybrid systems and others. With all that in place, Jaguar and Land Rover will surely start moving forward and very soon give their competitors a run for their money.