Jaguar shows class with new 2010 XKR

The XKR is definitely a fast far what with the AJV8 engine capable of boosting up to 510 horsepowers. Set to compete with the more established supercars like the Porsche 911 Twin-Turbo convertible, the Aston Martin Volanti and the BMW M6 convertible, the new XKR truly is a class on its own particularly if you are to consider its workmanship and quality of production. This convertible car drives so nicely that you probably do not feel as if the top is off.

The car was designed and built from the ground up by Jaguar, this car looks aggressive and serious enough with its front wing looking extremely intimidating. This sort of looks usually attracts the expectation of speed which it has in abundance. You get not only speed and performance but all the other details which you will start to appreciate as you own the car for a longer time. One thing for sure, it feels as if you cannot seemed to get enough of this car what with all the surprise after surprise elements.

Inside the car, you get all sorts of novelties which pretty much enhances your driving experience. Of course, you will not accept a car of this stature without a key-less entry and start-stop system, touch screen navigation, MP3 audio player and satellite radio. Otherwise there is the radar-guided cruise control system which adds to its premium.

To ensure that weight are not increased, they have developed the car using aluminum monocoque which causes the car to be very light. If speed is your concern, it only takes 6 seconds to get you from zero to hundred with superior handling fitted into the car. This is perhaps Jaguar’s most all-rounder car to come from the company in recent years where they have been able to actually changed the consumer’s mindset from being such a ‘classical’ impression to a more modern and sophisticated brand image.