Jaguar shows off the XJ75 Platinum Concept as part of 75th Anniversary celebrations

Its black and white coloured body meant that it looks more elegant than a lot of its other models where you get a new front, rear and side sills amidst its 2011 XJL supercharged XJ engine. This is where it gets you up to 470 horses and 575Nm of torque. All that rides on top of its 22 inch wheels which is essential for any model of this stature.

Inside the car, you will also like its pearly white fittings like the air vents and such while they have also added the elegant touch via its full ‘Jet Softgrain’ leather interiors. And then there is the Bremont crafted bespoke clock which essentially is a British company that makes hand assembled watches in Switzerland. Apart from that, you will also like the Bowers and Wilkins high-end sound system which is boosted through its 1,200 watt powered amplifiers through to the 20 speakers around the car.

Of course, one thing you can expect from this car is that it provides you all the elegance and luxury you can find from a typical Jaguar car and more. Being a concept model they have put in quite a lot of effort to ensure that the personality is not compromised in any way. The white stitches on the black leather in the interior is easily noticeable while the purple suede surroundings around the plug points and such makes the interiors quite a nice and unique touch. Like it or not, how they are intending to customize this model remains to be seen but even if they are not, the stock version at the moment seemed to have driven the point home quite successfully.