JPJ lifts blacklist on ‘saman ekor’ drivers

There are more good news for all you traffic offenders out there. You must have been overjoyed recently when it was announced that the police will no longer be hiding behind bushes to catch you if you are speeding. And that was great news because if you like to drive above the speed limit, you will be ‘warned’ beforehand that there is a speed trap ahead so you can slow down. The police seemed to be promoting transparency as well as to reach out to be more community friendly. Kudos to them.

Now it seems that the JPJ or Road Transport Department is set to take another positive step which will be a toast to more celebration. Apparently, JPJ has announced that if you are blacklisted for having any outstanding summons from the post, you will now be allowed to renew you road tax and driving licences. Datuk Ismail Ahmad, the Deputy director-general of the JPJ made the announcement that the ‘saman ekor’ will be lifted following the one made by Jelaing Mersat, the Deputy Transport Minster a couple of days ago who said that drivers or vehicle owners who have traffic summons but the cases have not been taken to court should be allowed to renew their driving essentials.

So unless you are one who have been blacklisted, you can now renew your licenses and road taxes without much problems. However, if your case is to be heard in court or under investigation, the blacklist system is still enforced.

The blacklist system have been under the spotlight recently after the JPJ and police lifted those involved to encourage them to pay up their summons. In 2010, there has been a total of 119,330 driving licences and 154,663 motor vehicle licences which have been blacklisted in the country. For the year before that, there was a recorded blacklisting of 122,794 for driving licences and 180,624 vehicle licences. So if you are in the list, or have been having difficulties renewing either your road tax or your driving licence of late due to these offences, you better renew them now before they change their minds again.