JPJ – No to electric motorcycles

Datuk Solah Mat Hassan, the director-general of JPJ (Road Transport Department) said that the agency has decided that electric bicycles will not be allowed to be used on the public roads. There have been some companies who are interested in bringing the electric bicycles to Malaysia and market them here and has applied to JPJ for approval. On top of that, there has been some public inquiries on whether these vehicles could be used here.

Solah said that currently, a road safety report indicates that 20kph is the safe speed for bicycles in public roads but the models available now are designed to ride on 40kph, hence it would not be viable for our roads. This is because in an event of an accident, the speed will risk injury for the pedestrians who might be using the same pavement. Furthermore, there are very limited infrastructure for bicycles on the roads and are currently just confined to parks and residential areas. If electric bicycles are allowed, it would only increase the number of accidents and hence would be counter-productive.