JPJ working to introduce new system to solve ‘blacklist’ confusion


The RTD (Road Transport Department) has announced that they will be formulating a new system which will improve the mechanism of the blacklisting of traffic offenders which have been criticized the past. According to Datuk Solah Mat Hassan, the Director-General of the RTD, he will be chairing newly set up special committee to facilitate the process of formulating the mechanism.

He added that the committee will oversee how the current system could be replace in order to enhance the effectiveness and to prevent disputes. The committee will be made up of representatives from the related bodies including those from the Home Ministry, the AG (Attorney-General)’s Chambers, the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) and local authorities who will be meeting for 2 days on April 4 and 5 to come out with the solution.

After the meeting, they will submit a report on what transpired in 2 weeks’ time. This was necessary after the RTD was constantly being criticized and bombarded with complaints from the public on the current blacklisting system used by the RTD and the PDRM which they claimed were troublesome, confusing and counter-productive because many were not informed until the point where they are trying to renew either their road taxes or driving licences. He said that the complaints were such that many found no summons when they checked online and only when they approach the RTD counters that they found to have outstanding traffic summons. To make matters worse, they also found out that they have been blacklisted.

Therefore, Mat Sollah said that it is important that the public could gain access to a more correct and accurate information through the RTD’s system so that they are aware of their status and this could be achieved using SMS, phone calls and websites where they information are kept up to date at all times because if not, then apart from the image of the department being tarnished, it would also worsen the dispute situation between the customers and the department. He added that the committee would also be taking into consideration any views and suggestions from other quarters apart from the public complaints in order to come up with the solution for the new mechanism.