Keeping your tyres in good condition always

One of the most common mistakes drivers make is to mix and match their tyres. As much as you can, ensure that the tread pattern of all 4 tyres are the same. Use the recommended tyre pressure whenever possible. While there are always some who tells you that the tyre pressures for both the front and rear pairs might be different to ensure efficiency, if in doubt, use equal pressure for all four.

Lower tyre pressure would result in driving instability as well as higher fuel consumption. One of the most important thing to ensure if you are checking your tyre pressure is to do so when the tyres are cold. Doing so after driving for a while will not be accurate because rubber expands under heat and hence will give you an inaccurate reading.

Rotate your tyres diagonally every 5000 kilometers. You will usually do this when you are servicing you car the workshop but ensure that the tyres, when rotated are done so correctly. The more expert drivers can tell if the tyres are fitted correctly by reading the tread pattersn, if you are not sure, check with the mechanic. Some tyres imprint the direction of the tyres. If the arrow points backwards, then inform your mechanic to have it adjusted correctly.

In most cases, once you have your tyres rotated, the mechanic will provide you with alignment services. Ensure that they do so that your tyres do not dribble to one side. Take note that you do not need to balance your tyres too often.

When driving, try not to involve too much heavy breaking as it wears out the tyres faster than normal. This of course comes into effect especially when you are driving fast. Remember that tyres used in race cars (or fast cars) are designed for aggressive driving and hard breaking and hence they are more durable but do not usually last very long. Unless you are ready to shell out money to change your tyres every other month, then minimize on heavy breaking.

Ultimately, keep your tyres clean whenever possible. Dust and sand are the common culprits that hides within the spokes or in within the treads so you should be aware of them and remove them whenever you spot any to keep your tyres in good condition at all times. Bear in mind, the tyres are the only contact between you and the ground, keep them in good shape and you can keep safe at all times.