Kia Forte gets the long tailed Koup

The Kia Forte has since garnered many awards for its innovative designs and new models which have been always better than their previous versions. So much so that Kia, Hyundai and Subaru were the 3 car manufacturers to have recorded better sales in 2009, while many others have recorded drops in their figures. Kia’s addition to the Kia line up is the Kia Forte Koup which is will be part of the Spectra replacement exercise.

In saying so, the Koup (pronounced as ‘Coupe’), this means you get a 2 door, better performance and a sportier version of the Forte. This is seen as a similar move by Honda in 2006 when they forego the hatchback version of the Civic and only went for the coupe version then. Ford too did an almost similar move with its Focus 2 years later so this should be a workable strategy for Kia.

Some of you might have heard about the Forte Koup at the 2008 New York Auto Show and will be delighted to find that this one is modeled against that although it did not come with the interiors. The Koup comes with a different set of front bumper and fog lights as well as a nice looking rear with its own independent tail lights with the aggressive looking dual exhaust located on the side. Its 17 inch wheels which are painted with 2 tone black and silver surely makes them stand out like no other. Under the hood is where you get the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine which will get you up to 173 horses and 168 lb-ft of torque.

Essentially, the interior of the Koup is very much like the standard sedan version although you will like the fact that this one seriously do come with quite a lot of leg room considering it is a 2 door car. Other additions here include big knobs and a multi function steering wheel for cruise control and speaker controls which are pretty much standard these days. Kia surely has gone one up with this new model this time.