Kia Naimo EV showed off at Seoul Motor Show

It seems that Korean car giant Kia is set to continue their march into becoming a major force in the automotive industry and in their ‘home’ Seoul Motor Show when they unveiled the Kia Naimo EV (Electric Vehicle). As concepts go, the Naimo has a unique look and it surely is a cute looking car. Naimo comes from the Korean word ‘Ne-mo’ which means ‘square shape’ and it looks squarish but is anything but square.

It is powered up by a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor and this is the third electric vehicle to have come out from Kia’s design house in the last one year or so. The future surely is heading towards the EV direction, otherwise Kia would not have gone through so many designs and this is mostly due to the fact that it is a zero-emission vehicle and Kia is confident that the 5 door, 4 seater city car would be ready for the future.

The motor rolls out 107 horses, which is very impressive for its capacity and it top speed at 150km/h. It comes with a twin-pack 27 kWh Lithium Ion Polymer battery which is fitted just underneath the boot floor. It is impressive in its numbers where a single charge could get you up to a maximum ange of 200km which is very much two thirds of standard petrol engines. The battery could also be charged to 80% of its total capacity using the quick recharging cycle that takes only 25 minutes. For a full charge, it would require 5 and a half hours.

The Naimo is 3.9 meters long and it comes with a nice wrap-around windscreen as well as a asymmetric sunroof and LED lamps. It also comes with some very revolutionary equipments like a high-intensity air jet that replaces the conventional wiper blades. Door mirrors also have been removed and in their place are miniature cameras. In terms of design, the Naimo seemed to have the future in mind as it look so much more like what to expect. Kia seemed to be using the Naimo to explore the possibilities of replacing the conventional fittings with what could be used when technology is cheaper and more affordable. And if that is possible then they surely are looking to change the driving experience forever.