Kia Sorento returns and this time it crosses over with great results

6 years ago, they ventured into the mid-sized SUV market when they launched the Sorento. This car also made its way into Malaysia although the reception had been lackluster. As Malaysia is not the only market they are focusing on, Kia had continued to enhance the Sorento to the best of what they can offer and hence come 2009, they now give you the latest Sorento where they have changed its looks and specifications significantly.

As more and more SUVs now are positioned as Crossovers, Kia too has ridden the same bandwagon with their new Sorento. This is what they are planning to do and the Sorento will be given a new breath of life come 2011. In terms of design, you can safely assume and accept that it would be the best looking Sorento ever. If you are to compare the 2011 Sorento with its previous version, you might just feel that they are 2 totally different cars. Up front, a new grille welcomes you head on and you will surely like what you see. This design was implemented as per Peter Schreyer, the Director of Design at Kia who is also involved in designing the Audi TT car as well.

If you like, the engine is one powerful machine here where you can get either the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine that comes with a 172 horsepowers or the 3.5 liter V6 engine. The top of the range version will get you up to 273 horses which to this extend is considered very fast. The 4 spoke steering wheel looks quite perfectly fitted inside the car that comes with audio and cruise controls which pretty much exudes what the car is all about, control and then style.