Kia to showcase KV7 concept at Detroit show

Set to be put on show in the upcoming North American International Auto Show in Detroit next month, Kia has unveiled its new KV7 concept car and this is where you will see its cool gullwing doors which are usually fitted among the supercars. Currently, there is only a design sketch of the new concept car and this surely will get anyone buzzing with excitement as the artist’s impression seemed to look really cool already.

According to Kia, the crossover vehicle is designed very closely based on its original concept designs like the Sportage and the new Sorento. Therefore, one would naturally expect that there would be new models coming in from the Korean automotive giant to roll out their future models based on this. Apart from that, the modernistic design language car also comes with swivel seats and a center pillar for the driver side. It also comes with a minimalist designed dashboard as well nice looking wood panel flooring. The figure 7 is used to name the car which means that it would most likely be a 7 seater which is why it’s an MPV concept.