Kicherer makes the EVOII based on the Mercedes SL

Hence, when the people at Kicherer looked set to tune up the new SL R230, they knew better that this must be a masterpiece within a masterpiece. It is like beautifying the Mona Lisa, if you know what we mean. their previous work was manifested onto the K60 Evo and the Evo II is where they will take the previous R230 and change it. This will include a whole new aerodynamic package which consists of a carbon-fiber front apron, hand-made forged wheels as well as an extendable rear wing.

One thing for sure, they are calling it the Kicherer Mercedes SL Evo II which apart from the Mercedes name, everything else added in are purely theirs. They have added in a carbon fiber rear wing as well as its hand-made front skirt which is aimed at ensuring the weight of the car does not increase. This means that the performance of the car will not be compromised, but instead with the aerodynamics improved, should enhance them. To begin with, the car’s aerodynamics is already very well designed already.

This model will include new side air intakes and carbon fiber all over which ensures that the car breaths better as well as improving its aerodynamics. It comes with Kicherer’s own Downforce System which essentially maneuvers the flap electronically to optimize the down force of the car on the rear axle. This will definitely improve the stability and handling of the car thereby giving it the power the driver craves.

The RS-1 handmade wheels are also fitted in which typically are stainless steel exterior wheel discs. Kischerer had also tuned up the suspension system which is actually electronically programmed. This would also result in the car being lowered by 25mm which is all for the reason of maintaining stability.

Generally, if you take a look a close look of this car, it keeps a bit of the SLR elements, some AMG in it as well as totally Kicherer. The paddle shifters on the steering wheel stamps its mark as a speed manic here and you will surely appreciate the experience that comes with it.