Latest Infiniti FX stays true to original personality

The FX comes in 2 different variants, ones with V6 and V8 engines respectively. Where the V6 is concerned, power is channeled through its 3.5 liter version which is also known as FX35. This version comes with a 303 horsepower capability and comes in either the rear wheel drive or the all wheel drive which is 28 horses more than its predecessor. The more powerful version is the FX50 which is the 5.0 liter V8 engine. This top of the line model comes with an all-wheel drive system which is 70 horses more than the previous version. Both the variants are controlled through its 7 speed automatic transmission gearbox.

In terms of handling, the FX35 comes with 18 inch wheels while the FX50 comes with 21 inches, which is way more stable and definitely better handing system as well. In terms of safety features, ABS, anti-skidding and traction control come standard while curtain side and front side airbags are also included. The Lane Departure Warning System which is Infiniti’s own proprietary inclusion is an option accessory where a sound is played to warn you if you crosses the lane dividers. New additions in the FX include the Around View Monitory (AVM), the Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA)System and the Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) systems respectively. Where this is concerned, the LDP activates the stability control system when needed while the AVM uses the 4 cameras around the car to show what is around the car and the IBA lights up and beeps if a forward collision is about to happen and then automatically applies the brakes.

Cool features in this car includes some very nice leather upholstery, telescopic steering wheel, key-less entry and engine start as well as cameras in the rear while adaptive cruise control, a super huge 9.3GB harddisk for digital music storage, in-car DVD entertainment system as well as a wireless mobile phone communication channel.

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