Lexus CT200h to make brand more appealing to younger crowd

Designed based on the LF-Ch concept car, this would be the model which will make the brand a bit more affordable and surely attract the younger crowds to own a Lexus which will start production towards the end of the year. As compared to the concept car revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009, the production version looks more trimmed down with a 2,600mm wheelbase. The car comes with a 1.8 liter VVT-i petrol engine mated with an electric motor where it is capable of running fully on at a maximum of 45km/h. This would be the same engine used in the Toyota Prius which also includes a CVT gearbox. Of course, the Lexus is surely more sporty and comes with an all new front drive platform.

According to Lexus, this vehicle is designed with the ‘European market in mind’ and it comes with 4 driving modes namely Normal, Eco, EV and Sport which would activate different sets of engine running each time. Inside the car is where you get some nice looking leather upholstery which includes an 8 inch LCD monitor for information and entertainment. You also get a center console which is the Remote Touch controller than works like a mouse. In terms of size, the CT200h would be wider and taller than its close competitors which are the Audi A3 and the BMW 1 Series respectively.

The 5 door hatchback would be a cool addition to the hybrid vehicles offered by Lexus and is reportedly comes with an engine which can produce up to 98 horses and 105 lb ft of torque if the numbers from the Prius engine is anything to come by which gives you a total output of 134 horses. Considering the eco-friendliness of this car, you might not expect it to be that powerful but the positives would be the fact that this would change the affordability level of Lexus cars.