Lexus Hybrid Bicycle has features of the real thing

Built with carbon fiber, the Lexus Hybrid Bicycle, which was put on show in last year’s Tokyo Motor show comes with 8 speed transmission gearbox and hybrid power in its L-finesse design. Its front wheels are powered up from a 240W electric motor which is charged onto its 25.9V lithium ion battery, very much like the usual hybrid cars where the difference is just that it is only a 2 wheeler.

The other cool thing about this Hybrid bicycle is that, very much like its car siblings, it also comes with plus energy regeneration as well as Eco or Power driving modes. Cool eh? On top of that, it also comes with pedal power which goes to all wheels (2 of course) and is paired with a Shimano internal gear system with 8 speed transmission, which is just about what you get if you buy the Lexus LS 600h.