Lexus RX 350 – the rightful replacement for the Harrier

The Lexus RX for example is one that will give you that impression. The thing is, this car was formerly the Toyota Harrier, if you want to put it that way. But as a matter of fact, it is that Toyota will no longer produce the Harrier and hence, the RX is now its third generation version.

To say the least, the RX350 is not an enhancement of the Harrier but it is actually a totally redesigned and re-developed machine. Perhaps the only thing similar with its predecessor is its profile. There are certain things in this car that reminds you of the Harrier but otherwise, most of them are new. From the front, the huge, illustrious bonnet tells you that size do matter, especially if you are driving a car in this segment.

This car comes with a 3.5 liter engine that is fast enough and powerful in acceleration. It boosts up to 273 horsepowers and 346Nm of torque within its 6 speed automatic gear box. Considering its height and weight distribution which is top-notch, the car handles pretty well. The design of the car exudes much brilliance especially if you take note of the details of its curves and splits, which are flawless. The car also comes with the Lexus Premium Audio System, the Keyless Go System, sunroof and a power tailgate.

Inside, the 10 air bags which includes the knee areas are mainly safety features which are one of its kind in its category. The car comes standard with steering, braking, stability and traction control systems under as well as ABS. The aesthetics of the car includes bi-xenon headlight with adaptive front-lighting system and the 18 inch wheels just makes you want to give it a go.

If size and power is anything to go by, this car has it all, and with the price, it makes it more attractive. After all, this is a Lexus, you’ve gotta remember.