Lotus Elite – the face of English cars

Hence the Elite which is a 2+2 seater Gran Tourer with a folding top is very much in the same segment with the Aston Martin DBG9 where it comes with a very powerful engine. This is part of its latest marketing plan to reinvent the brand in the next 6 years where Lotus revealed that the Elite is planned to have its model get to the roads around April 2014 which is also the target that the company is planning to turn the company around.

If you haven’t already know, Lotus is also planning to position its brand into becoming more mainstream instead of its current niche market persona. Under the hood, the Elite is fitted with a front mid mounted engine that comes with a 5.0 liter V8 engine that gets you to 542 horses. On top of that, it would also come with an ‘R’ model that gets you from zero to hundred in 3.5 seconds over its 611 horsepower engine. This is the similar one being mounted into the Lexus IS-F engine by Toyota and will not be paired with any manual transmission gearbox. In case you want to, the automatic shifters also comes with a manual gear mode that is activated via the paddle shifters.

Donato Coco, the director of design at Lotus said that the Elite is the platform of how the future products from the brand would be based upon particularly at the front. In fact, it is somewhat different from the currently selling Elise, Exige and Evora which are a bit too 2-dimensional and hence they decided that the Lotus car should reflect how English cars should be like and so they decided to go along with the Astno Martin character. They showed their Lotus human-machine interface with this model where they are trying to maintain the more posh and luxurious interiors instead of the more racing-oriented ones previously.