Lotus-Renault F1 launches 2011 Black and Gold livery

Unless you have been living under a shell, you might not know this, but for the next Formula 1 season, Proton Group will no longer be attached with Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes with his Team Lotus outfit but they will be competing themselves under the Lotus Renault F1 banner after they acquired the team at the close of last season. Hence the Lotus-Renault GP team will be going with their new livery for the upcoming season where they pull off the covers at the Autosport International Show in the United Kingdom.

At the show, former F1 driver Jean Alesi, who is the brand ambassador for Lotus said that he likes the new livery and its design as it looks good and reflects the black-gold Lotus cars in the past and to have it back would be very much welcomed. They placed the new livery on the R30 model which was used for last season’s championship and they announced that the new engine will be unveiled on January 31.

Jean Alesi was accompanied by Vitaly Petrov, one of the 2 drivers representing Renault this coming season and Eric Boullier, the team principal said that the new look represents their new ambition this year which is to win and to do that, they would have to be podium finishers. He said that the objective is to establish itself and be recognized as a top team like Ferrari and McLaren and that is what they want to achieve. He also said that Clive Chapman’s presence in the team showed that Lotus is serious about its participation in the sport. He said that this then is their message that there is only one Lotus manufacturer in the world and Renault’s role is the most genuine.

Renault is competing in the coming season under a British racing license and not French like they have done previously, so if Lotus Renault wins a race, the British anthem (God Save the Queen) will be played and not the French’s national anthem. For those of you hoping to hear the ‘Negaraku’, it would only be possible (and only possible) if Team Lotus under Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes’ stewardship wins a race. While hearts are pumping to see what livery Team Lotus is heading out with, the black and gold Lotus Renault one will do for now.