The Lotus Elise is always seen as one of the most underrated supercars in the world. This is because despite its good performance and handling, the Elise is still not marketed as a supercar against the likes of the Porsche and the Ferrari.

The Lotus Elise is one of the flagship icons of the Lotus brand. It is among the long list of British cars which is now owned by foreign companies. Lotus was once a primary force in the motorsports industry when it competed under Team Lotus in Formula 1 then which is a totally different scenario today. Among the renowned cars produced by Lotus over the years include the Elan, Esprit and Europa where it is now owned by Proton Group, the Malaysian automotive company which is a subsidiary of DRB-Hicom.

That which makes Lotus cars so popular is its lightweight body and the excellent handling system which has since been transferred into the design and production of Proton vehicles. Formed in 1952 as Lotus Engineering Ltd, the brand would continue to grow but faced some crisis in the 1980s when production dropped to only 383 units in one of those years.

Under the Proton Group, Lotus has been given more prominence through renewed marketing campaigns and motorsports. The new models comprising of the Lotus Elise, Exige and Evora are gaining ground in terms of popularity and demand in several markets while the technology transfer between Lotus and Proton vehicles have been hugely effective and significant as well.

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