Malaysia records better vehicle sales for April

As compared to March this year, the sales for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles however suffered a drop when at 7,433 units, it is a 13.2% decrease. This is contributed by the fact of the failure to meet the delivery deadline for April. For passenger cars, sales rose from 37,810 last April to 43,661 this April. Commercial vehicles on the meanwhile recorded an increase of 5,046 from last April’s 3,876.

In total, the first four months of 2010 saw sales of passenger cars totaling 176,718 units. The first four months of 2009 recorded only 147,111 units meanwhile, commercial vehicles for January to April this year was at 19,403 from last year’s 14,964 units. In total, the period saw an increase from last year’s 162,075 to 196,121.

The total production of vehicles was 39,574 last year while in 2010, it is at 49,666 units. From this, 46,045 units are passenger vehicles while 3,621 units of commercial vehicles were produced this year. This means that there was increase from last year where there were 36,562 units and 3,012 units of passenger cars and commercial vehicles respectively. In terms of production, passenger vehicles rose from 138,890 for the four month period to 176,686 units in the same corresponding period. For commercial vehicles, production rose from last year’s 14,693 units to 16,127 units.

Judging from the performance of the first four months, MAA, in their statement said that for the month of May, they are forecasting that sales for vehicles would most likely maintained along the level recorded in April but are confident that the figure would surely be higher than May 2009.