Malaysia welcomes the new Audi Q5

Boosting power, performance and reliability, Audi cars have always been synonymous with these elements for a great driving experience. You can choose between the two variations which is the standard version or the S-Line versions respectively. Both of these models are standard equipped with Audi’s own TFSI engines which is 2.0 liter. Both comes with the Valvelift system which will give you a whooping 211 horsepowers and 350Nm of torque between 1,500 and 4,200rpm.

You can also enjoy the twin clutch transmission in its 7 speed S Tronic feature. The S-Line version has additional features compared to the standard version which has a nicer and more chic bodykit and front Milano leather seats. If you like, other additional accessories are also available. Mind you, Audi has a standard to keep and hence everything you add will definitely be of quality and superior brand. For instance, a better sound system are that which are fitted by Bang and Olufsen which will cost around RM6,000 ++. An electronic tailgate at RM6500 is available as well, all sweet additions to an already extraordinary car.

For an SUV, Audi would be more than happy to set the bar higher than that of its competitors namely Jeep, BMW and to a certain extend the Rav4 by Toyota which are all priced around the same bracket. For the price, you might just opt for a sportier car which demonstrates such personality and uniqueness because Audi owners are rare in Malaysia. Priced at RM299,000 for the standard version and another RM30k for the S-line (and of couple more for additional candies), this car is one good buy and set to turn heads wherever it goes.