Malaysian made Peugeot 207 launched in Thailand, other regional markets to follow

The official assembler and distributor of Peugeot cars in Malaysia, Nasim Sdn Bhd has begun exporting their 207 to Thailand. The right hand diver model of the Peugeot 207 was recently launched by Nasim and they since launched the model for the Thailand market on November 10. Nasim, if you haven’t already know is the subsidiary of Naza Group which is responsible for bringing in the Ferraris and other super cars into the country. Apart from that, they have also been actively involved in car manufacturing where they are very experienced with the Naza Kia brand. With that in hand, there really is no stopping the company from further establishing itself as the premium auto maker from Malaysia.

The car will be put on show at the Thailand International Motor Expo which is scheduled to run from December 1 to 12 and will be distributed by European Motor Cars Co Ltd there. According to Nasim, since the launch, the reception among the buyers in the Thailand market has been positive and they have since received 44 bookings for the new 207. They also confirmed that delivery for the bookings will start and will be completed by January next year.

If demand continues to grow, then more 207s will be shipped to the northern neighbor. The agreement for Nasim to assemble and distribute Peugeot cars in the region was signed between the local automotive giant with Automobiles Peugeot this year where Nasim was appointed as the regional manufacturing hub to roll out right-hand drive models for the Peugeot brand in Asia. The 207 is the first model to be assembled and rolled out since the contract was signed.

SM Nasaruddin SM Nasimuddin, the chief executive officer of the company said that the exporting of the 207 to Thailand represents the initial stages launched by Nasim to establish the Peugeot brand across the Asean region. Apart from Thailand, the 207 will also be exported to other neighbours including Brunei, Indonesia in Sri Lanka. The company is planning to tap into those markets in the first three months of next year. Nasaruddin added that apart from establishing the Peugeot brand, the company is also upbeat about establishing Malaysia and the company as the regional hub for the French automaker’s right-hand drive models. The 207 was launched earlier this month and Nasim is looking to roll out about 5,000 to 6,000 units of the 207 next year.