Malaysian roads to get 2 new Lexus models – LS460L and LS460 Sport

For the Malaysian market, there will be 2 variants available, namely the LS460L and the LS460 Sport. Previously, the LS460L is a four seater car which considering the size of the car would be luxuriously spacious. The new version however is available only as a 5 seater which means some of the space and legroom had been compromised. Having said that, you could still get the 4 seater configuration. All you need to do is to fold down the center armrest on the rear seats and there you go. The center arm rest is also where you could control the in-car entertainment system which consists of a 9 inch LCD monitor connected to a DVD player. Apart from that, you also control your air-conditioning there.

Typically, both the models are designed based on the Lexus limo where the Sport model has a shorter wheelbase while the LS460L comes with longer wheelbase. Inside the car, the LS comes with semi-aniline leather ottoman seats with lumbar support massager (which essentially means something like a top range Ogawa massage chair) as well as ‘butterfly’ headrests as well. In car entertainment is powered out by a Mark Levinson 7.1 audio system which with a 15 channel amplifier. Your surround sound is enhanced through its 19 speaker system around the car, now ain’t that cool?

Underneath the hood is where you get the 4.6 liter Dual-VVTi V8 engine which boost out some 380 horses and a maximum torque of 493Nm. Lexus Malaysia announced that the price for the LS 460L is RM829,448 while the Sport version, with all the accessories stripped down costs RM719,448.

The Sport version however is somewhat different. This is because Lexus distinguishes between the 2 models where the 460L is pretty much luxurious while the 460 Sport is a sporty version with every inch of this model promoting it as so. To begin with, you do not get most of the ‘posh’ accessories found in the 460L version but what you get here are also not available there. this is where you get sport tuning on its suspensions, 19 inch forged aluminum rims, Brembo brakes as well as a sports body kit. On top of that, it also comes with paddle shifters and sports bucket seats, pretty much aligned for the speed lover. After all, its 8-speed automatic gearbox would be something you would relish when driving this monster.