Malaysia’s largest Motorsport Gathering next month

So bring your friends and families over to Putrajaya then, where according to Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, the Minister of Youth and Sports, the event will bring about some 6,000 vehicles which will involve cars, motorcycles, vans and such. The ministry is also expecting some 24,000 people to join the event while the full fledge Youth Day event, which will run from May 14-16 is aiming to attract some 200,000 visitors.

Organized by the Kuala Lumpur Youth Development Organization, the gathering is also aiming to be recorded in the ‘Malaysia Book of Records’ for being the largest gathering of its kind ever. Shabery Cheek said "The biggest gathering of vehicles in line with the theme 'showcase of energy' for the Youth Day this year. There have been many negative perception of youths like involvement in drugs, mat rempit and other irresponsible activities, so the programme will be of benefit to youths,"

If you are interested to join the party, head on down to Putrajaya then or you can call the Kuala Lumpur Youth Organisation at 03-41435303. Alternatively you can also join the ‘Belia Hari Negara’ Facebook page to keep yourself updated on the event as well.